Certified Transformation Professional

Certified Transformation Professional

Get your certification now and start speaking and consulting on transformation topics

Be a licensed speaker, trainer, or consultant and make some business using my original Intentional Transformation Framework.

Organizations are demanding for fresh learning materials in these trying times. Specifically, they are on the look-out for possible speaker, trainer, or consultant to help them understand the transformation that affects their organization. 

Eventually, they need someone to help them find some strategic approach on how they can intentionally influence their transformation zones, process, and competencies.

But what learning material on transformation is out there? A lot. Are they relatable and relevant? Probably.

But my intentional transformation framework was invented during the stretch of the global pandemic—one reason why people can relate to this newly created, original material.

This Certified Transformation Professional certification program runs for a total of 12 days, 3x a week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 11AM-1PM) using synchronous and asynchronous learning mode.

We have prepared 12 learning sessions for you to fail-proof your appreciation and understanding of the framework, the process, and competencies.


Sgt Lloyd A Luna PAFR

Framer, Intentional Transformation Framework
Registered Speaking Professional
Certified Webinar Speaker
Author and Columnist

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Why get certified?

Out of hundreds of speakers and trainers in the market, what makes you stand out? Yes. One is certification.

Certification Topics

DAY 01 : 2HRS

The Story of Transformation

In 2020 during the stretch of the global coronavirus pandemic, both my personal and business life has changed for the better. Two stories that defined my unlikely transformation: I put up a new business and I became part of the Philippine Air Force.

DAY 02 : 2HRS

Introduction to Transformation

Transformation isn’t development. It’s a process that we need to appreciate, understand, and most importantly influence. We will discuss the three types of transformation.

DAY 03 : 2HRS


Disruption isn’t at all bad. But it only becomes good when we take off from there, channel our energy and hopes to our response to it, and carry what we can take from our pain points.

DAY 04 : 2HRS


We must revisit ourselves, ask the toughest questions, and challenge our assumptions. Self-searching is an important process in intentional transformation framework.

DAY 05 : 2HRS


Understanding the current situation and taking inventory of where we are, what we have, and who we have can give us enough confidence to move forward.

DAY 06 : 2HRS


Options are beginning to show up and opportunities are presenting themselves in many types and forms. What are the parameters for choosing which are worth exploring and which are not?

DAY 07 : 2HRS


Creating your new self, new product, or service takes some time. What does it mean to create something new and tests you need to make to ensure early wins.

DAY 08 : 2HRS


Any creation is only as good as its relevance. Once old and unreliable or worse, no longer useful, it can be the beginning of the end. What drives innovative disruption?

DAY 09 : 2HRS

Core Competencies

Three competencies support the Intentional Transformation Framework: Agility, Creativity, and Nonconformity.

DAY 10 : 2HRS

Research and Case Title Presentation

Students are given time to research on a particular story of transformation and present their case. Once approved, they can proceed with the research to fit the case to the framework.

DAY 11. : 2HRS

Transformation Case Defense

Students will present and defend their case and convince the panel how the Intentional Transformation Framework suits their case.

DAY 12 : 2HRS


That’s it. But wait. We’ll have a program and special guests to inspire us before you finally get your certificate.

Meet the framer

Sgt Lloyd A Luna PAFR is a professional leadership speaker for over 15 years, author of 17 books, and columnist at The Manila Times.

Filipino Leadership Speaker Lloyd Luna in Europe

As a professional speaker

Founder, Philippine Association of Professional Speakers

I have given more than 1,500 speeches in my professional speaking career that spans more than 15 years. I have spoken to conventions and seminars in the Philippines and abroad.

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As an author

He has written and published 17 books

He’s the author of Stepback: The Lost Art of Filipino Leadership, Why Am I Working?, Employpreneurship, How To Be An Amazing Speaker, Paano Maging Successful, Alphabet of Achievement, and Where To Find Success among many others.

leadership speaker philippines consultant

As an Air Force sergeant-reserve

He's attended a military-grade training

It’s not just patriotism and nationalism that I learned doing the training in the Air Force. I also learned more about leadership, management, and succession.

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