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Live your life as if it’s the beginning of forever

One school of thought that have been living by is “to live your day as if it’s your last—for it could be.” I thought it makes a lot of sense. It speaks of urgency. Do it now or you may never have the same opportunity again. “Living your day as if it’s your last is

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The Big Picture

My insights on leadership, inspiration, and transformation for your reading pleasure. Please feel free to share. But who is Sgt Lloyd Luna PAFR?


Years of Experience

I’ve spent a solid 16-year experience on stage as a professional speaker on various motivational topics such leadership, management, transformation, and sales.


Earned Designations

  • Registered Speaking Professional (RSP)
  • Sergeant in the Philippines Air Force Reserve Command
  • Certified Webinar Speaker

Original Materials

I’m not a mouthpiece or a copycat of some leadership gurus out there. I made my own original material based on my personal study about leadership.

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